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Pretargeted Ads Are They the Future

Posted by Admin On January - 29 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

If you’ve ever done a little shopping online, you’re already familiar with how retargeted ads work. Say you’re purchasing a new car. You compare products, review features, read customer reviews and visit automobile dealer websites to browse. While you are still considering your purchase decision, retargeted ads follow you around the internet getting potential dealers back in front of you and top of the mind again. Retargeted ads can be successful, leading to higher conversion rates and lower... (more...)

Online Trends That Will Dominate in 2015

Posted by Admin On January - 22 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

All over the Web, you’ve probably read about predictions regarding social media, paid search and intuitive ad methods. Some will stick, others will fade away. But you can’t ignore the changes and advancements that are going on, otherwise you will spend much of 2015 playing catch up. Now that it’s a new year, it’s important to measure your online marketing strategies and how they will embrace some of the new changes for 2015. Mobile Optimization Will be at Its Highest Optimizing for mobile... (more...)

Consider this one of your last warnings. Brands have been kindly reminded to go mobile for months, and now we are moving in a direction where companies have either embraced mobile or they haven’t. Those who choose not to see the value in mobile will be left behind, and they won’t be able to take advantage of the improved visibility and rankings that come with offering a mobile-friendly experience. As you write out your goals for the New Year, make sure your site is optimized for mobile. Otherwise,... (more...)

5 Steps to Creating a LinkedIn Campaign

Posted by Admin On January - 8 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

As LinkedIn emerges as THE place for businesses to be, you’ll want to work harder to secure your presence on the social network. Even with over 330 million members, many on LinkedIn aren’t using the network to its potential. Now is the time to propel your company to the next level by participating in LinkedIn Groups, beefing up your profile and creating effective PPC campaigns. The advantage to using LinkedIn’s pay-per-click advertising platform is that it allows you to target a very specific... (more...)

Content Marketing: Getting More Reach in Less Time

Posted by Admin On December - 30 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

When you create a piece of content, you want it to be read, shared and loved by others. Unfortunately, many marketers continue to create great content, following all the rules, but they still don’t see the reach they expected. What’s going on? Content reach, or lack thereof, is always worth figuring out. One piece of content can do wonders for your brand: it can be shared on multiple channels, seen by hundreds, thousands or millions of people, instill trust in your customers and answer questions... (more...)

Are You Overthinking Engagement?

Posted by Admin On December - 23 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Read any post that talks about your customers and how you can win them over, and you’re bound to read the word “engagement” a few times. Engagement is pretty simple: it means getting and keeping someone’s attention. So why do we all of a sudden need tips and tricks to help us engage customers? When did it all become so difficult? It’s possible that you may be overthinking engagement, just as many other people are. Engagement is a hot word right now, and everyone is fighting for it. But... (more...)

How to Get More Loyal Email Subscribers

Posted by Admin On December - 16 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Are you having trouble growing your list of email subscribers? You want to continue expanding this list because loyal subscribers mean more potential sales. But how can you get people to sign up on your list when they don’t seem to be interested? Ask People to Share This sounds like sharing 101, doesn’t it? But sharing works in the marketing world. That’s because 92 percent of people say that they trust word-of-mouth marketing and recommendations from friends and family more than any other... (more...)

Quarter 4 is the most intense shopping season, and you should already have a strong email marketing campaign in place. But now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, you probably need to refresh your strategy. It’s important for your messages to stand out from all the other emails coming through in your subscribers’ inboxes. Below are a few tips for making the most of your holiday email campaign. Update Your Design Use email templates to create emails that are related to winter, Christmas... (more...)

Employee Advocacy: Is This the New Marketing?

Posted by Admin On November - 27 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Despite all the tools available, marketing keeps getting harder rather than easier. Modern marketing technology allows brands to connect, reach and engage with their audience like never before, and there are various tools for measuring this success. It would seem that marketing would be foolproof in a sense, but this isn’t how it works. And without a sizable ad budget, the reach that a marketing department is able to accomplish becomes limited. The solution isn’t more ad budget. The solution... (more...)

Myths About Marketing Automation

Posted by Admin On November - 20 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Don’t let the myths of marketing automation stop you in your tracks! Marketing automation is a great tool for your business, allowing you to deliver personalized, valuable content that turns prospects into leads and leads into customers. The goal is knowing how, when and where to incorporate marketing automation into your overall marketing strategy rather than relying on it entirely. Let’s talk about some of the myths to marketing automation and the truth behind them. Marketing automation is... (more...)

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